Thursday, 4 July 2013

Why detergent packaging and soap packaging is imperative?

Soap Packaging

For years now, I have been seeing my mother get a particular detergent powder for washing clothes. Being inquisitive by nature, I happened to ask her, “Mother, why do you only get this washing powder all the time, out of the other available in the market, which look very attractive and are cost effective”, and she replied, “Dear, this is the best detergent available in the market as it does not contain any harmful chemicals, smells nice and is a natural alternative.” Listening to her, my curiosity to explore more about this topic arose. 

After much research, I found out that, there is an unprecedented number of cleaning detergents, existing in the market; the most important aspect which persuades a consumer to buy a particular detergent is packaging. So, today let’s discuss some important and crucial facts about detergent packaging. I would also like to discuss another important item from the same industry and that is soaps; a lot of thinking and research goes in soap packaging too.
Nowadays, we are flooded with many brands in the laundry detergent market. With competition at its all time peak and changing trends in demand, the detergent packaging companies are really putting all their efforts, to provide a product that has unmatched quality and unbeatable price. In order to lure customers, it is very important to build brand loyalty. For this, it is important that your cleansing material is better than the other, not priced exorbitantly and packed in good quality Detergent packaging paper. 
Detergents are chemically prepared and contain substances, oxidants & enzymes, which if come in direct contact with the user can lead to skin irritation or inflammation. Therefore, proper focus is given to packaging, during manufacturing of the detergents. Many a times, you would have noticed that you buy a particular detergent not because of its cleansing qualities but because of the flashy and attractive wrappers. Detergent packaging becomes vital to avoid any unintended exposures, improper storage or any accidental contact during transportation or marketing.
The basic element behind soap packaging is, that it enhances the market ability of the soap, develops the appearance and attractiveness of the product, increases the shelf life of the product, reduces waste during production, makes it easy & convenient to use and handle. During soap packaging, bar soaps are either wrapped or cartooned in single packs or multipacks. Some crucial facts that are considered during selection of products and materials for soap packaging are product compatibility and stability, cost, package safety, solid waste impact, shelf appeal and ease of use.

The factors that manufacturers consider these days for soap packaging is that the material should be made from recyclable, reusable or bio-degradable material and secondly the label on the package is provided with information regarding the soap and detergents ingredients used. Today, many flexible packaging companies have come out with a wide range of innovative materials to maximize the performance and minimize wastage of the products packed. All flexible packaging companies maintain stringent quality control at every stage of the manufacturing processes.

Well friends, now you know why detergent packaging and soap packaging is imperative.