Sunday, 23 December 2012

Waxed Papers are Indeed a Special Commodity for Packaging

Wax Paper
Wax paper is sometimes termed as paraffin paper; it has a history of being a flexible material which is widely used for packaging purposes. The invention is credited to the late Thomas Alva Edison, the man who invented the Bulb. Printed waxed papers have the ability to be folded easily and neatly. Also, in terms of its environment friendliness, it can be easily disposed off since it does not inject harmful chemicals in the air.
Since medieval ages, wax paper is being continuously used across numerous industries, in almost all the countries. The process involves oiling the paper to make it semi translucent or devoid of moisture which can further be used for packaging and other purposes. The most popular way of developing photos in the past through negatives also consisted of wax papers.

At most sweet shops across India, printed wax paper is used for marketing and Flexible Packaging purposes. Apart from the marketing values, wax paper keeps the original commodity intact and also prevents the product from coming into contact with moisture or any other particles floating in the air. Packaging speed is enhanced drastically since working with printed waxed papers is as easy as a stroll in the park. Wax paper packaging also adds substantial strength and integrity to your packaged product.
If you are planning to send some food related item abroad or to a distant place, then waxed paper packaging ensures that the food is delivered safe and not contaminated during transportation. Since wax repels water and oil it is an ideal candidate for storing food.

But there is a catch to it; you have to choose the right kind of twisted wax paper to also keep the moisture quotient in the paper intact. With Wax Paper packaging the product life is enhanced tremendously, the natural sticky properties of papers and its life is extended due to the coating itself.

A property which is rarely heard for printed wax paper is its excellent seal integrity. Once the seal is done it is not easy to unpack, though intentionally you can unpack without any hassle. Ultra violet transmission thus can be reduced to stop fatty products becoming rancid. After applying special wax coatings, translucent paper turns slightly transparent enabling the end user to actually see the product through the packaging.
Given all the above qualities of wax papers, India is a thriving market where people can obtain printed wax papers. There is altogether an industry which is operating in the country where cheap wax papers can be acquired. Also quality of the papers is really top class, all these qualities of the Indian packaging market gives enough confidence to the traders to acquire wax papers from India.

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