Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Wax Paper - The Green Alternative for Packaging Industry

Packaging industry has experienced a sea of change since its inception. The world has seen it changing every day, from flexible packs to rigid plastics. Nearly every day a new product is launched before the world, but before any product is introduced in the market, a lot of thought and study goes into its packaging and marketing. The interesting thing over here is that all this is done just to attract the attention of the consumer towards the products, which should indirectly compel them to buy the products as soon as they see it. So the packaging should be very attractive and appealing. We can witness that a lot of hue & cry is there in the market about packaging but amongst all the packaging solutions that confront marketers in terms of material, there is one packaging material that scores all the bonus points because of its features and that is wax paper.            

Wax paper is the most common form of material which is used to manufacture packaging solutions. It is used unanimously across industries; apart from packaging, this paper due to its versatile features can also be used in our households or at many other places as well. It is also known as paraffin paper. It is fabricated by generously coating it with vegetable, paraffin or specially-formulated petroleum wax.

One main quality that attracts any food packaging company towards wax paper is its eco-friendly nature. Much research has been conducted by leading organizations about how this packaging solution acts as a green reward for the environment. All studies confirm that it is recyclable, biodegradable, renewable and fully combustible. Pertaining to these properties, most food packaging companies make use of paraffin paper to keep the quality of the food item packed inside intact. Food chains or fast food joints also use it because their offerings generally contain greasy substances and the paper doesn’t let the grease to seep out oil.
Waxed Paper

Wax-coated paper can also be used as folding wraps, twist wrappers and sealed packaging solutions, due to its high wet strength and neat-fold properties. Most confectionary items like candies, sweets, cookies, even biscuits, chocolates, chewing gums etc. are packed in wax paper to increase their shelf life. Being a good insulator of electricity, this paper finds itself playing an important role in electronic equipments as well. In order to ensure safety, sharp razors, knives, needles etc. are packed using paraffin paper.

If you are a food packaging company, looking to outsource packaging solutions, then you must concentrate your efforts on India because India is the leading destination where most organizations are currently sourcing paraffin paper. Here, the products generally cost far less as compared to other destinations due to fierce competition & cheap labor. So the next time you require a packaging material for your products, look no further than wax paper. It is not only the best option available but also a green alternative for all food packaging companies.


  1. Wax paper is good approach to prevent wastage and control pollution since everyone just throw off the paper boxes or packing covers upon unpacking the product. Moreover, it is easy to include the custom designs, colors, styles and text in paper and make your business noticeable.

  2. Great ideas, I've been researching the internet for the healthiest and greenest types of food packaging. i'm currently an owner of a deli and I was horrified to find out some of the chemicals and toxins that can leech into food from the packaging. I cannot have my customers eating food from my place and getting sick. Investing in Green and Healthy deli food containers is a huge priority for me.