Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Switch to Biodegradable Packaging to Lower Your Impact on the Environment

We all are well versed with the gospel truth, that packaging plays an important role in the promotion and marketing of products, consumable or non-consumable for any brand. Packaging has the power to grab the attention of the consumers and lure them in such a way, that they are fascinated to buy the product, irrespective of whether they need it or not. Packaging not only defines the character of the product but also informs the consumer about what the product is all about. Have you ever thought that plastic packaging adversely effects the environment? To lessen our impact on the environment, it’s time to switch to Biodegradable Packaging, a greener way to pack our products.       

Generally, plastic is used as a conventional packaging material but it takes years to degrade naturally. Plastic packaging, since it is oil based is not recyclable; due to that the poisonous toxins and particles released over time, pollute the rivers, harm wildlife and tons of plastic dominate the landfills, scaring our beautiful landscape. Regular plastics need oil for their manufacturing, which pollutes the environment. Biodegradable Packaging is the best alternative, in terms of sustainable packaging solution. As a brand, you can substantially reduce your carbon footprint and the waste packaging which earlier used to go to landfill sites, can now be recycled, greatly lowering the environmental impact.

The products used in Biodegradable Packaging are basically renewable resources or which can be harvested directly from the nature. Packaging made from natural plant materials like corn or sugarcane uses 70% less CO2 to produce than conventional plastic; due to its exposure to moisture, heat and naturally occurring micro-organisms, these can be turned into natural compost after use, in just 12 weeks. Biodegradable products do not have harmful chemicals, plastic coating and does not require excessive energy. Since biodegradable plastic is made from biomass, it is completely a renewable resource. They are created from materials that are fully biodegradable and therefore, its recycling takes less energy.    

You must be thinking what benefit you derive from switching to Biodegradable Packaging. Well, switching to an eco-friendly solution will certainly distinguish your product in the market, help in increasing your brand recognition and also build loyalty amidst the increasing number of environmentally aware consumers. In today's competitive environment, your business success depends on your products' ability to stand out from your competitors and the loyalty of your customers. Using Biodegradable Packaging solution, will positively demonstrate that your brand is committed to a more sustainable environment.

In today’s throw-away culture, green living is the mantra, businesses are adopting; hence turning to Biodegradable Packaging is an environmentally responsible alternative. Another advantage of this packaging is that it is easy, more flexible and stronger than conventional plastic. Biodegradable plastics can be reused more efficiently, completely safe and do not have any chemicals or toxins. With the host of all these benefits, it is time for businesses to use Biodegradable Packaging pack their products and to reduce environmental pollution.

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