Friday, 31 May 2013

Why Spices Packaging Plays an Integral Role in Our Day-to-Day Lives?

Used in every household across the globe, they add many magical colors and flavors to our life. Apart from being used as seasonings, to add taste and aroma to various food items, these are also used for processing of meat, food preserving, and also in production of products like perfumes, liquor, confectionery items, medicines, a variety of oils and cosmetics. Yes, we are talking about the “spice” of our life! Utilized in different forms, such as fresh, whole dried, pre-ground, broken or powdered form, these aromatic seasonings also call for high quality spices packaging materials, so as to preserve their original taste and color.

Most of the spices, like clove, fenugreek, paprika, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, chili pepper and celery seeds, are generally consumed in whole dried or powdered form as flavorings; but some spices, such as ginger and turmeric roots, are also used as vegetables. Adding taste to our cuisines and providing relief from a number of ailments, these condiments are required to be packed in quite flexible and functional Spices Packaging papers, which could easily keep intact the original quality of these products, while storing or transporting them to places.

Now-a-days, even manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the functionality as well as on the physical appeal of their spices packaging materials. On one hand, quality of packaging materials helps in enhancing the shelf life of these products, by safeguarding them against physical, chemical and microbial spoilage, loss of natural oils and fats, insect infestation, spillage issues and any other environmental harm caused due to heat, moisture, air or light; while on the other hand, outer look and appeal of spices packaging play a vital role in marketability of these products. Depending on consumers’ preferences, different types of packaging can be used to pack and store spices, such as plastic pouches, aluminum foil packets, laminated cartons, glass jars and metal containers.

Besides adding to consumer appeal of different spices and protecting them against adverse climatic or chemical conditions, packaging also has a host of other functional benefits to offer. It provides consumers with useful information, like manufacturing, packing and expiry dates of spices, their prices, quantity, characteristics, proper method to use or store them, brief details about the manufacturer and contact details for consumer assistance as well. So, next time you go to buy these seasonings or condiments, pay heed to a variety of spices packaging options available in the market, observe attentively what all purposes those packaging materials serve and keep reminding yourself about how important a role packaging plays in our daily lives.

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