Thursday, 10 January 2013

Quality Spices Packaging is the Need of the Hour for Indian Exporters

Spices Packaging
Quality Spices Packaging is the Need of the Hour for Indian Exporters According to a recent consumer update by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), India is the 7th largest food exporter to the U.S. Not only that India, is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices globally. Indians are obsessed with spices, they love spices in their dishes and you will find them in every cuisine from north to south & east to west. Spices have their own USP, they add flavor, taste & color in the food and this is exactly what the world loves about Indian food. It is very important that the right kind of packaging is done to keep the quality, aroma and flavor of these spices intact and also to protect them from any kind of adulteration. Therefore quality Spices Packaging is the need of the hour for Indian exporters.

You will find pepper, ginger, cardamom, turmeric, chili, celery seed etc… as the spices which are packed in flashy packets. If you tread to one of the oldest markets in Delhi you will find many Spices Packaging machines or packed spices scattered around for sale or export to many foreign locations. To market these spices in neighboring countries or to international destinations, sellers give more relevance to packaging; it is their efforts that they are able to make people buy their products. There are many Spices Packaging Company, operating in the market which provides quality packaging to products.

Apart from their tasteful properties, spices from India are also admired across the country & world for their medical benefits as well. Some of these spices are known to have many ayurvedic properties and their health benefits extend from gastric health problems to skin diseases. Spices packaging preserves the original properties and aroma of the spices in the pack itself to survive for long. In order to maintain the quality of the spices during handling, transportation, storage and distribution, Spices packaging material should be selected with care, keeping in mind the functional as well as the marketing requirements.

The need of the hour is to promote more spices so that more people around the world are able to know about them and also experience their taste. The promotion needs quality Flexible Packaging and Spices Packaging solutions so that people get attracted towards them and also get promoted to the wider markets as well, where there is huge potential for them to be purchased by foodie & health conscious people.

There is also a good scope to increase export earnings from spice oils and oleoresins as the global industry is increasingly leaning towards natural flavors. One step to promote spices can be when marketers and sales people market them to wider markets, so that people engaged in the business of these spices can showcase their products to the world. At the same time the need of eye catchy & colorful Spices Packaging can never be ignored.

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