Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Why You should insist for a Qualitative Rice Packaging Solution?

Rice Packaging

Rice is a commodity for consumption; approximately in 60% of agricultural land available in our country paddy is grown and exported across the nation & beyond. Naturally the transportation services are required to support this paddy movement to other states hence there is requirement of quality rice packaging solution to transport these paddy safely and securely. It is also a fact that in India a substantial loss of rice during transportation and freight takes place therefore qualitative packaging is a need of hour;  not only for rice but for all seeds or consumables to avert any wastage.

If you take time to visit a rice warehouse in India, you shall find that there are number of reasons why somebody would insist on qualitative rice packaging solution. There are number of families of rodents who have made these warehouses their sole house hence paddy is always in danger of been eaten away by them. Secondly due to lack of quality facilities to store them at proper place and availability of moisture, rice quality deteriorates drastically giving rise to more chances of rejection by its customers, all these reasons lead to emergence of quality rice packaging solutions.

A fine packaging material should be able to retain the normal color, aroma, taste and edible qualities of the commodity which is packed inside it. Moreover, the laminates should keep the dust particles, dirt and dampness away from the entity. All these reasons call for a good packaging material, same holds true for Rice Packaging as well.

When we talk of a packaging material, the instant thing which comes to mind is the material or fabric of which it is made up of?  In the case of a packaging material worth using, they are generally manufactured out of quality raw material sourced from reliable vendors. In most cases it is also worth mentioning that people these days generally go for biodegradable packaging so that they can be reused recycled & reproduce latter.

For a healthy package especially in the case of rice packaging, generally it should be able to withstand weight approximately around 500 kgs to 1000 kgs. The facilities for printing on the packaging should also be great since it is among one of the sources of marketing and creating awareness about a particular company in the market. The whole gist of the story is, packaging should be of top quality if somebody wants to attract maximum out of a commodity in terms of its usage, consumption & efficiency.

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