Monday, 14 January 2013

Why People Prefer Twist Wrap Over Other Packaging Solutions?

Twist Wrap Paper Packaging
You would have noticed many times that kids often stop by confectionary shops and demand for toffees and chocolates but no matter how much you tell them it’s not good they won’t let it go. Have you ever thought what makes them behave so? It’s not just the liking but also the packaging which plays a role in catching the eyeballs of these young hearts. Candies or chocolates packed in Twist Wrap and flashy papers make it utterly tempting for children to ignore them. This is the power of packaging in the context of marketing & promotion of a particular product. Hence we can pronounce that packaging is the ultimate weapon that can make or break the game for your brand and business.

The business environment has undergone a drastic change in the recent years. We have entered another year and we have all seen the shift in how we market and reach our consumers. In order to be efficient in marketing, it's important to be alert with the new marketing methods and trends. To keep pace with the competition and emerging trends it is important that we conceptualize new ideas every time to market our products. The latest in trend is to make a packaging out of the ordinary i.e. to make it so attractive to its audience, that they are compelled to buy the products on face value.

Most companies which are into manufacturing of fast moving consumer goods often make use of Twist Wrap packaging, to give products perfect packaging shape and to protect them from any kind of damage. You have many options when choosing a Twist Wrap film to wrap your products like cellophane, cast polypropylene, twist polyester and other types like metalized films. Your packaging machinery, what film you will be using to twist wrap as well as your product plays an important part in your choice.

The first and foremost reason of using Twist Wrap is that it is cost effective. Secondly, being flexible packaging company  we give highest technical performance hence working with machinery becomes a cake walk. Thirdly, it has excellent natural dead fold and twist retention properties. Lastly, these packaging materials give best performance under extreme conditions, like in winters or in summers the properties remain the same keeping the item inside it is wrapped intact. Moreover, the release characteristics can be easily customized as per type of candy or toffee being wrapped. That’s how easy it is to work with these packaging solutions.

For a quality packaging solution, you need to have ease in printing. You can always save time and have an experienced company Twist Wrap your product. Therefore, in every aspect Twist Wrap is the ultimate packaging solution, more so if you are dealing in FMCG products.

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