Monday, 20 May 2013

Twist Wrap – An Ideal Choice for Packaging of Various Confectionery Items

Twist Wrap Packaging
The importance of quality packaging material in food industry cannot be denied and the fact that packaging plays a pivotal role in marketing of various food items is hardly in need of any evidence in support. The significance of packaging in food industry is liberally emphasized, as it not only helps in maintaining the integrity of a particular brand’s products, but it also sets a company’s brand image apart from its competitors. Various types of packaging material also help preserving food items against any external damage or contamination. One such packaging material, having numerous applications, is twist wrap paper, which is generally used for wrapping readymade confectionery items, like caramel toffees, soft jellies, smoothies, hard candies, chocolate bars and truffles.

Twist wrap films are quite efficient and functional type of confectionery packaging material that possess extraordinary release quality and can be removed very easily for consuming the food items. Given its characteristics, like easy peel-off property and superb print quality, Twist Wrap has emerged as one of the most appealing and premium packaging materials available in the market. This bespoke packaging material ensures to keep the food products safe from any kind of possible tampering while transportation and it also protects the eatables from physical damage as well as from chemical or biological contamination.
Apart from metalized thin films, there are three other main types of packaging material, known as twist polyester, cast polypropylene and cellophane, which are normally used to twist wrap a gamut of confectionery items. If manufactured by using reliable technology, under the supervision of skilled experts, these wrapping films can offer high speed packaging performance. Apart from the aforementioned properties, these kinds of candy or toffee wrapping materials also possess tremendous strength and extraordinary stretch qualities.

There are countless other options available in the market that can be used for packaging of ready-to-eat confectionery items, but twist wrap can said to be the most functional and cost-effective of them all. Being fit for different twisting speeds, diverse physical conditions and the most demanding packaging situations, it is also an ideal choice suiting to simple as well as sophisticated design requirements. As the growing market demand continues to broaden up the avenues for marketers in food industry, they are also faced with the constant need and challenge to come up with more evolved and innovative Packaging Solutions, and twisting wrappers can be considered as a reliable and appealing packaging material, catering to the needs, requirements as well as the expectations of confectionery manufacturers.

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