Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Why Innovation is Important in Soap & Detergent Packaging Industry?

Soap Packaging and Detergent Packaging

We all would agree to the fact that soaps and detergents form an integral part of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Both the products also play a vital role in our lives, by catering to our daily needs related to washing, bathing as well as cleaning. Soaps are solid and liquid forms of surfactants, whereas detergents are generally available in powder or liquid forms. Where on one hand, soap in solid or liquid forms is mainly used for bathing and hand washing; detergents are typically used for thorough cleaning of clothes or utensils, on the contrary. Both of these products are formed, when oils and fats obtained from various vegetables or animals are chemically treated with strong alkaline solutions. Hence, quality Soap Packaging and Detergent Packaging solutions are required to pack these products, so as to maintain the effects of such chemical reactions intact.

Innovations in packaging for soaps and detergents play as much an important role as for any other product in FMCG industry. Understanding varied possibilities in the area of process integration has become a necessity for companies, as detergent packaging and soap packaging demand continuous efficiency improvements to cater to the changing standards and requirements of supermarket. Offering new and extremely effective packaging solutions is need of the hour for manufacturers and marketers working in this domain, to clearly differentiate their brand from a gamut of other similar products available in the market.

Apart from their characteristic color and smell, soaps and detergents also contain various types of chemical enzymes, which are required to be safeguarded against environmental reactions. Thus, it is inevitable for companies to pack these products in high grade soap packaging and detergent packaging materials. This will not only provide for the safe handling of these products, but also protect their functional performance from getting affected, by coming in contact with heat, air or moisture.

Various types of soaps and detergents also call for different kinds of packaging materials, labeling techniques, packaging designs and illustrations, in order to appeal to the senses of customers. While limited options are available for Detergent Packaging, such as mono-layer or multi-layer plastic bags, printed boxes, laminated cartons and plastic bottles (in case of liquid detergents), soaps can actually be packed in a variety of packaging materials, such as paper or plastic soap bar wrappers, cigar band labels, shrink wrappers, hard cover boxes, exfoliating scrub bags, coffee filter paper, fabric organza bags and even specially designed soap packaging. So, next time you go out to purchase any of these products, keep looking around for different types of innovative as well as attractive packaging options available in the market.

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