Thursday, 9 May 2013

Use Wax Paper To Meet Your Varied Needs & Requirements

Wax Paper
Pay a visit to any nearby grocery or confectionery store and you will be stunned to see the evolution that has happened in the food packaging industry, over all these years. Hardly in need of any explanation, packaging was, is and will remain an important aspect of food marketing, as it is not only impossible to think of many food items in unpackaged state, but it has also become vital for the manufacturers and marketers to sell various foodstuff in attractive as well as innovative packaging materials. Wax paper is one such solution that not only provides for an eye-catching packaging material, but also helps in enhancing the shelf life of various food items, by preserving their natural form, taste and texture.

Popularly known for its non-sticking quality and dead fold properties, Wax Paper is generally used for packaging of cookies, candies, toffees, chocolate bars, bubble gums, ice-creams, dates, sweets, dairy products, frozen meat and a huge variety of other eatables. This paper gains its moisture-proof quality through generous application of paraffin wax on its surface and thus, it is also known by its other name, i.e. paraffin paper. Besides this, wax paper also possesses great wet strength and offers good performance while printing. It can also be used quite safely and effectively in microwave ovens, in comparison to aluminum foil packaging and plastic wraps.

Apart from being used as a food packaging material, wax paper is also commonly used to pack sewing needles and safety razor blades, so as to protect them from rusting as well as to make handling of such products less dangerous. Being biodegradable in its nature, this paper is also used by children for various art and craft purposes. Owing to its permeable properties, it is used for packing cheese and keeps it fresh for a longer time, as it doesn’t make the cheese sweaty but allows it to be as moist as per required.

If manufactured by using high grade raw materials, under regulated environment and supervision of skilled experts, wax paper can offer a number of other benefits to meet specific needs of consumers. Where on one hand, it offers good resistance against air, water, heat and other external impurities, like dust and microbes; it can also be used as a great marketing weapon on the other hand, thanks to its color matching and custom printing capabilities. So, next time you go to the market, make sure to take note of the new advancements in the packaging industry and don’t forget to buy some wax paper, to meet your daily needs and varied requirements.

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